Physical Therapy
An Alternative To Surgery

Low back pain may be caused by poor posture, repetitive bending or incorrect lifting techniques.

At Anchor Physical Therapy, we emphasize a "hands on" approach through a variety of manual techniques to help alleviate your pain and spasms.

Our therapists also educate each patient to manage their back problems through an individualized flexibility and strengthening home exercise program that they can carry through their life independently.

Why are we Different?

  Unfortunately, not all physical therapy providers have the same qualifications, training and professional expertise you find at Anchor Physical Therapy

We are different because:

 * At Anchor Physical Therapy, our physical therapists and assisting staff are highly qualified clinicians with
over 30 years experience and solid credentials.

 * We emphasize on: Hands-On, Manual Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy that the physical therapist provides in one-to-one sessions.

 * We place patient satisfaction among our highest priorities and strive to ensure a compassionate, patient centered enviroment.

 * Our staff will work closely with your doctor or healthcare provider to help you achieve an optimal level of function and independence.

 * Getting the PT care you need now – without a prescription.

   You no longer need to see a physician first in order to receive physical therapy services. At Anchor Physical Therapy Services, our therapists are licensed under Direct Access (DA).

   Our extensive training and continuing education enable us to effectively evaluate, diagnose and treat each patient.

   Find out how you can get started with therapy today, by calling us at

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) affects lymph flow through direct action on the lymph vessels and stimulates drainage of the tissue by increasing resorption into the venous capillaries.

MLD has a deep calming and relaxing effect. It's gentle, repetitive rhythm enables the patient to relax fully, often feeling energized at the end of the session.

MLD is a soft, gentle, flowing, rhythmic technique that has a powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effect.

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